Our Leadership

                        Mark Faulcon : VP - Business Application Development

                        Mark Faulcon

                        VP - Business Application Development

                        Mark’s career as an IT professional has spanned more than 25 years, across vertical industries as diverse as Finance to Healthcare to Department of Defense. Mark brings a true devotion to bringing smart and innovative solutions to market for his clients through combining his own deep industry knowledge with the ability to create synergy across client stakeholders, external vendors, and technology professionals. He brings a particular ability to interface between operations-focused business leaders and technically-oriented development collaborators that eases the product development process.

                        Mark is an expert in application development targeting the entire Microsoft stack, including technologies like C++, C#, ASP.net, web services using both REST and WCF, as well as platforms like Azure, SQL Server, BizTalk, and SharePoint. He has lead development teams creating line-of-business and ERP applications, web development and e-commerce, and special purpose programming.

                        Mark has attended Duke University and the University of Maryland, and has an MBA from the Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business.

                        Contact Information:

                        407-325-5364 | EMail: MFaulcon@valintry.com | LinkedIn

                        Timmy Rupeiks : Senior VP of Sales - Southeast

                        Timmy Rupeiks

                        Senior VP of Sales - Southeast

                        Whether it was volunteering abroad after college teaching English to kids in Peru or, to today, by helping an organization with top-tier consultants and candidates, the consistent element across Timmy's career has been his desire to help others. There's a saying that embodies his approach: "Help enough people get what they want and you end up with what you?want."

                        He's excited to join VALiNTRY, a nationwide consulting and recruiting firm, after VALiNTRY?purchased the recruiting division of PaperBoat Media. Having worked with start-ups, mid-market, and Fortune 500 companies, he finds that the best scenarios come from an understanding of a company's culture in combination with the right technical fit. Regardless of the company size, he truly enjoys the people business and to creating new relationships for his clients, consultants, and candidates.

                        Contact Information:

                        407-392-3130 | EMail: Timmy@valintry.com | LinkedIn

                        Steve Wise : CIO and President, Consulting Division | Co-Founder

                        Steve Wise

                        CIO and President, Consulting Division | Co-Founder

                        Steve’s life is about excellence in everything that impacts those around him.

                        … at work
                        Throughout his career, Steve’s skill as a communicator, partner and innovator has enabled him to build powerful IT organizations that focus on objectives and solutions. His success is in providing people with high-level products that are easy to use and deliver exceptional performance. His IT organizations have been empowered to respond quickly and intuitively to changing market dynamics, connecting specific products and solutions. This model transformed these companies with new business models that create competitive advantage.

                        … In life
                        Steve is a devoted father and family man best described as a man of integrity, honesty and respectful of others. His deep love of family drives the way he cares for them and prioritizes his time to be with them. He views life circumstances and as opportunity to lead and teach his family. While challenging them to always be the best they can be, fun also remains a top priority at his house.
                        Two guiding principles have given Steve many life rewards: “you should give more than you receive” and “you should treat all others as you wish to be treated.”

                        Steve’s life is about excellence in everything that impacts those around him.

                        Contact Information:

                        407-205-1123 | EMail: SWise@valintry.com | LinkedIn

                        Scott Everhart : Director of Corporate Marketing

                        Scott Everhart

                        Director of Corporate Marketing

                        Scott has over 20?years of experience leading creative teams in marketing strategy, production, and?design and he oversees the Corporate Marketing group in support of VALiNTRY's 6 recruitment and consulting brands. Scott has?a B.A. in?Communication from North Carolina State University and?earned his M.B.A. at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL.

                        When he's not at work, you'll find Scott at the movies, trying new restaurants and exploring the local theme parks with his daughter and girlfriend.

                        Contact Information:

                        407-392-3132 | EMail: SEverhart@valintry.com | LinkedIn

                        Jory Dean : Salesforce Administrator / Consultant

                        Jory Dean

                        Salesforce Administrator / Consultant

                        Jory came to Orlando from Upstate New York and has been a part of the VALiNTRY team since early 2016. He is a Salesforce Certified Administrator and Sales Cloud Consultant?and has experience delivering custom configurations, automating business and sales processes, and driving user adoption on the Salesforce platform. In addition, Jory also holds certifications in Google Analytics and AdWords Mobile.


                        Jory spends his free time at one of Orlando’s famous theme parks like Disney or Universal or participating in the Salesforce community through user groups, meet ups, or Trailhead. Jory is passionate about dogs, technology, and finding the best cup of coffee in town!

                        Contact Information:

                        407-392-3129 | EMail: JDean@VALiNTRY.com | LinkedIn

                        Jeff Satterwhite : Managing Partner, Salesforce Division

                        Jeff Satterwhite

                        Managing Partner, Salesforce Division

                        With a decade of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, Jeff plans to accelerate the Salesforce division’s expansion by developing relationships with new customers and Salesforce executives while also overseeing daily operations of the development team.

                        Contact Information:

                        | EMail: jsatterwhite@valintry.com | LinkedIn

                        Luigi Frascarelli : Managing Director, Salesforce Division

                        Luigi Frascarelli

                        Managing Director, Salesforce Division

                        Luigi is Valintry’s Managing Director and is a thought leader in improving the Customer Experience. With a passion for transforming businesses from analog to digital, he is 5x Salesforce Certified with a concentration in sales, service, and marketing. He has a track record of building and leading teams to optimize the customer journey, sales and marketing operations, sales effectiveness, and positively impacting change management. His experience expands through industries such as healthcare, consumer goods, retail, technology, and financial services companies.

                        As a Salesforce Partner, Luigi has successfully led and delivered profitable implementations for national organizations in the Fortune 1000 list.

                        In his spare time, Luigi enjoys spending time with his wife and two rescued dogs. He is a 2x half Ironman, an ultra-distance trail runner, and a life-long learner.

                        Contact Information:

                        407-450-4271 | EMail: Luigi@valintry.com | LinkedIn

                        Eric Lyublinksy : Co-Founder | SVP of IT Recruitment

                        Eric Lyublinksy

                        Co-Founder | SVP of IT Recruitment

                        Eric is an experienced technology staffing professional with a proven track record sourcing top talent.

                        He has a deep skill set in consulting and permanent staffing in a wide range of industries such as Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Defense, Sales Distribution, Cyber Security, Electronics-Semiconductor, Energy, and Service Delivery. Over the years he has developed a methodical approach to the recruiting process to generate constant results.

                        He currently resides in the beautiful Atlantic coast of Florida with his wife and two children.

                        Here's a recent review of Eric's work on Glassdoor.com:

                        Contact Information:

                        407-205-1125 | EMail: Eric@VALiNTRY.com | LinkedIn

                        Carolee Bavaro : Controller

                        Carolee Bavaro


                        Carolee has spent more than 25 years?in the service industries.? An MBA graduate from the University of Central Florida, she has been a Controller for successful Central Florida firms primarily in specialty construction/engineering and in the staffing/consulting industries.? She brings a diverse knowledge of processes from having worked in many size organizations from a small start-up construction company to the subsidiaries of GE.

                        In her free time, she enjoys traveling via cruises with her husband Nick.

                        Contact Information:

                        407-205-1123 | EMail: CBavaro@valintry.com | LinkedIn

                        Rob Spence : Chief Financial Officer | VP of Strategy

                        Rob Spence

                        Chief Financial Officer | VP of Strategy

                        Rob is the CEO and Founder of RVS Acuity, a respected consulting firm in Central Florida.

                        Previously, Rob was the SVP of Strategic Planning for Lee Hecht Harrison | DBM for more than 8 years and prior to that, was an Economic and Financial Consultant with Arthur Anderson.

                        When he's not helping companies grow, Rob is building sets that support his kids' love of the theatre.

                        Contact Information:

                        407-205-1120 | EMail: RSpence@valintry.com | LinkedIn

                        Casey Silver : Co-Founder | Advisor

                        Casey Silver

                        Co-Founder | Advisor

                        Casey's industry experience spans Fortune 1000, healthcare and private equity companies. Casey currently works for a leading venture capital firm, called Arsenal Venture Partners. At AVP, he is a part of an analyst team that evaluates hundreds of technology start-ups across dozens of sectors.

                        Before joining AVP, Casey developed the launch strategy for Valintry and continues to be an advisor in its growth and evolution. Casey has also spent time in China, working as a summer associate for Nalco. Casey completed his MBA at Rollins College.

                        Contact Information:

                        407-205-1120 | EMail: CSilver@valintry.com | LinkedIn

                        Ron Murphy : Chief Operating Officer

                        Ron Murphy

                        Chief Operating Officer

                        With more than 20 years of healthcare staffing experience, Murphy has earned a proven track record of successfully fostering start-up business opportunities and leading existing businesses to achieve notable profitability under his leadership. Prior to joining Valintry Services, Murphy served in a number of senior management positions, helping clients staff expertly trained Allied and Nursing healthcare professionals to serve their varied patient needs.

                        Murphy’s former leadership roles include Vice President of Supplemental Healthcare Travel Allied, President of TravelMax, President of NovaPro and Vice President of Recruitment at MedRehab.

                        Contact Information:

                        972-370-3040 | EMail: RMurphy@VALiNTRY.com | LinkedIn

                        Joe Parris : President | Co-Founder

                        Joe Parris

                        President | Co-Founder

                        Joe has spent more than 20 years in the Staffing and Health Information Management industries. He has worked in a variety of management positions supporting both sales and recruiting functions. A proven executive, this will be the second company he has started from the ground up. He brings a wealth of experience leading business development and recruiting teams and is passionate about quality customer service and innovative recruiting technology.


                        • Reflectx Services - EVP, Co-Founder, +$20M healthcare staffing company, now a part of Maxim Healthcare
                        • Precyse Solutions - Director of Recruiting, HIM Consulting Firm
                        • NovaCare, Inc. - National Recruiter, Rehab Therapy Company, now a part of Select

                        The state of Florida has adopted him, but Joe is a Wisconsin native. At 17, he left the frozen tundra and later?graduated from the University of Central Florida. Joe's midwestern legendary work ethic is infectious, but nothing makes him happier than quality time with his wife and son.

                        Contact Information:

                        407-205-1122 | EMail: JParris@valintry.com | LinkedIn

                        Daryl Dixon : CEO | Co-Founder

                        Daryl Dixon

                        CEO | Co-Founder

                        Daryl is full of heart for all people.

                        … at work
                        Daryl is an experienced business executive, entrepreneur, leader and manager who operates with a high degree of integrity and loyalty. He embraces relationships with employees and clients with respect and a high sense of value. He has always been committed to leading organizations on a path to high-growth. He believes in supporting clients with an unyielding standard of integrity, quality and results, based in technology, supported by a work environment where employees enjoy success. He most enjoys coaching, teaching and facilitating the development of new managers in how to problem solve, and make strong “people decisions” using critical thinking skills, analysis and objectivity.

                        … in life
                        Daryl is a son, brother, father and devoted husband. Life-Work balance is a politically correct sentiment for some, but it’s a key life Value for Daryl. He’s totally in the game when at work, but walking through the doors of home, means family time and nothing else.

                        Contact Information:

                        407-205-1121 | EMail: DDixon@valintry.com | LinkedIn